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Welcome to GDN

We are committed to helping improve the living conditions of humans as well as animals and birds by informing educating and inspiring people to join forces with us to safeguard the natural environment by fighting pollution, effluence and reducing the contributing factors to global warming.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

How can we ignore the atrocities committed to stray dogs in many cities in India? They need our help but cannot ask for it. We know they need it and for this we need your help.

We are planning to take on some responsibilities in looking after stray dogs roaming the streets in the cities of India. As our first project we are focusing on rounding up dogs who need loving and caring. We need to procure vehicles, a plot of land and build a home for them. We also require full time sympathetic staff members and volunteers to work in a team spirit to help us realise our projects.

We estimate that to be able to realise our ambitious project we need a minimum investment of at least £450,000. Such a huge project cannot be completed without the help and generosity of the public, philanthropists and other sources. This is not an appeal to instigate a guilt feeling in you if do not feel like supporting us, instead it is a reminder that we owe it to man’s best friend.

We value this our relationship our friends simply because they are the ‘the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.’ Please come forward to extend your help either in cash or kind so that we can minimise their daily hardship and agony which they are meted out through cold-blooded lynching, kicking, clubbing and traffic accidents, besides injuries, diseases and ill-health.  We need to stand up for them. There are several organisations who are already helping stray dogs but it’s never enough because it is daunting task to keep every dog happy.

We still helplessly witness many dogs on the street who are desperate for help but cannot ask for it. They just sit around in hope. We are their hope and happiness. Please join forces with us to give them a decent living free from unnecessary suffering. Our dogs in the UK are fortunate enough to be accorded a human-standard care and love, we can offer the same to other dogs in need.

Our target is realistic. It is not an impossible dream if all of us decide to pledge our support to chip in whatever we can. Please come forward. You will be able to monitor every stage of this project from inception to completion.